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Steve, Laura and Nate talk Star Wars VII!!!!!!!!! The Force Awakens?????????

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Steve and Laura talk Star Wars, Jessica Jones and more on this episode!

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Friend of the show Tyler Barton joins The Illiterati Podcast this week! They talk about James Bond, Thanksgiving, and play a round (mostly) of Illiterati Becomes Rich!

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Steve and Laura talk about some serial killers, unsolved cases, and local ghost stories!

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Steve and Laura pimp some stuff, talk about scary stories, the Amazon Echo and more on this episode of The Illiterati Podcast!

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Due to a technical difficulty Steve and Laura lost half of this episode. On what remains they talk about water on Mars, the digital age, and more (but not a lot more)!

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Steve and Laura review Preacher Book One! With the AMC TV show coming up, they thought this would be a pretty good read! Was it? Find out on this episode!

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Steve and Laura are back from their hiatus! Woooooooooooo!

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*SPOILER ALERT* The Jinx is ruined in the last ten minutes. Just FYI.

Steve and Laura back together again! They talk ComicCon trailers, the books they're reading and The Jinx!

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Nate takes over Steve's role on this episode to help Laura wrangle three new guests!

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Steve and Laura continue to get guests on this episode! We learnabout insurance and what it means to talk to sharks!

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Steve and Laura get a couple more guests on this episode and things get waaay out of hand!

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*Spoiler Alert* - There is an Interstellar spoiler in the midst of the program!

Dan joins Steve and Laura on the first haf to talk about a bunch of stuff. He then leaves and The Illiterati Podcast's first guest hired by a booking agent is on the show! Is it someone famous? Kinda.... Well by proxy.

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Steve and Laura talk about TV shows they're watching AND answer some leftover Illiterati Answers Yahoo Answers Questions!

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Nate joins Steve to talk about Star Trek, Podcasts, indecision and more!

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Stevre and Laura sit down and discuss The Son by Jo Nesbø. Our ZOOM filled up about 27 minutes in so there is a little break in the podcast where we lost some info, but we backtracked and tried to fit it all in.

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Steve and Laura talk about some of their new favorite thigns and graze very lightly on politics!

Next episode is The Son review!

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This is the two year anniversary podcast! What?! Two whole years! Yep. Two years. Special guests Dan Hanf and Tyler Barton join Steve and Laura to celebrate!

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Alex joins Steve on this episode of podcast! They talk about video games, boardgames, Alex's engagement, and how Laura is, in fact, British!

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Tyler Barton joins Steve on this episode of The Illiterati Podcast! They talk about the origin of Tyler's name, their favorite movies when they werwe kids and about the 2015 Charleston Comedy Festival!

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Steve and Laura discuss the television, podcasts, movies, books and games they've been consuming. Find out Laura's new podcast recommendation! Find out Steve's new book recommendation! Also, don't forget to get your new copy of Joe Nesbo's The Son for our book club!

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