The Illiterati Podcast

Steve and Laura talk about true crime and other great stuff!

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Steve and Laura interview Joe Riley (not that Joe Riley) live at Theatre 99!

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Steve and Laura are back! Sorry for the delay in posting! Also check out Charleston: The Interviews!

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Steve and Laura talk X-Men for the first 35 minutes and then switch over to their normal jive. Oh yeah!

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Steve and Laura talk paranormal, podcasts, a little bit of Game of Thrones and more!

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*Spoiler Alert* First 15 minutes are Game of Thrones spoilers!

Steve and Laura talk about Game of Thrones and things that make them mad! Especially during Steve's trip to DC!

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The first With Special Guest Steve and Laura episode!!! Enjoy!

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It's our 3rd Year Anniversary Podcast!!!!!

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Steve and Laura talk about Undercover Boss with Kylo Ren, shape-shifting octopi, Final Fantasy and more on this episode of The Illiterati Podcast!

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*Spoiler* We discuss Making a Murderer for the first half hour, skip ahead if you haven't seen it.

Steve and Laura are back! Finally! After Steve's ZOOM H4N died, they got some new equipment. Still working on those levels! We'll be back to normal on the next one! They discuss Making a Murderer, Game of Thrones Telltale game, and more!

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