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Put your chestnuts on the fire and grab your eggnog, it's Christmas with the Illiterati!

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Alex Hoffmann joins Steve and Laura on their first ever guest episode (excluding members of Eighty-Four, of course)! They talk about Time Travel v. Teleportation, creepy Crispin Glover and more!

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On this episode of The Illiterati Podcast, Steve and Laura talk about Thanksgiving, childhood toys, and they try their hand in taking on THE MACHINE

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Steve and Laura talk about Skyfall, Snow White, The Legend of Lavinia Fisher and more!

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Steve and Laura talk about ghosts, Jack the Ripper, and more on this Halloween spook-tacular episode!

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*Spoiler Alert* - If you're not done with the entire series DO NOT LISTEN.

Steve and Laura discuss the show and it's finale! They discuss character arcs, good vs. evil, and their favorite "Walt being a badass" moment!

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This podcast was recorded on the first day of Spring. That's right. Spring. Nonetheless, it is on of my favorite episodes. It has my worst online dating experience, where we got the idea for a voicemail, and plenty else!

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*Spoiler Alert* The Dark Knight Rises and The Tudors. This time on The Illiterati Podcast, Steve and Laura talk about Muppets, play a rousing game of Who Becomes Rich, Ben Affleck's Batman, and more!

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The Illiterati Podcast Review of 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

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Steve sits down with his friend and roommate Jonathan to talk about his job as a production assistant in Nature docs, the Nature vs. Nurture debate, and a play a game of Would You Rather!

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In this episode, Steve and Laura get dirty and discuss bathroom etiquette, first time home buying, and a porn obstacle course! As always, this is NSFW! Also, a new segment: The Illiterati Answers Yahoo! Answers Questions (we're working on a better name)!

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The sun was shining brightly outside as Laura and Steve recorded this episode! 

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Laura stayed in Charleston as Stephen braved I-26 to Greenville, where he recorded this delightful podcast. Don't worry, after the podcast he found out that it was indeed Bonerfarts and not Fartboners... two completely different sexual innuendos!

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This is an old episode that was put off for a few reasons. First things first, Larry King is not dead... but you know who is? Larry L. King (a playwright who died in December... should have read the article more closely). . So, sorry Larry King! Keep doing whatever you're doing!

Also, we apologize for the abrupt ending, but we're still relatively new to the podcasting game.​

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New episode of The Illiterati Podcast appears! 

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This time on The Illiterati Podcast, Steve and Laura talk ask the question, "What did the Grail Knight do during all his leisure time before the Last Crusade?" Also, Polar Bears, why it sucks being in retail or food and bev, dreams of travel, and much more!

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On this episode of The Illiterati Podcast, Steve and Laura talk about the ending of Futurama, watching movies that contain nudity with your parents, ​plants versus animals, ghosts and much more!

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​Steve and Laura get inebriated and discuss the finer points of this last season of the Walking Dead.

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*SPOILER ALERT* - 26:11-27:00 there are some minor Deadwood spoilers.

Special guest and fellow Eight-four Industries Titan, Tyler Barton, takes over for Laura in this episode of The Illiterati Podcast!

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Video Bingo

Steve and Laura talk about foreign languages, Minecraft, online dating, and much more!

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This time on the Illiterati Podcast, Steve and Laura talk about bedding, An Idiot Abroad, and some good ol' 90's entertainment! 

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In this episode of Eighty-Four's Illiterati, Steve and Laura talk about Game of Thrones, Superman, Books, Reddit, and making Aspirin!

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Whoa! This one is a doozy (really, I mean boozey!). We recorded two pods in one night, folks, just to kick things off and I have to admit... we got a little inebriated. The mic tracks are all present and accounted for, though! So, enjoy!

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It's the maiden voyage of Eighty-Four Industries Illiterati Podcast!  On the first two episodes, Eighty-Four's own Tyler Barton and Andy Cummins joins your hosts Laura Boduch and me, Steve Boynton, on this first episode. We talk about Pete and Pete reunion  SNICK, religion, Star Wars & Trek, music, stand-up, and more!.

Regretfully, mine and Laura's mic tracks were lost and it took me several hours to get our volumes to where they are. We hoped to have a better quality opening, but this is the best I could do. Don't worry, though, the next episode didn't have this problem. I hope you can enjoy this one, despite it's flaws.

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